Auto Apple Fritter Feminized (Gnomes Seeds)
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Auto Apple Fritter Feminized (Gnomes Seeds)

Auto Apple Fritter Feminized (Gnomes Seeds)

Gnomes Seeds
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GENETICS: Sour Apple x Animal Cookies.

FLOWERING: 70 - 75 days from sprout.

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Auto Apple Fritter is a very cookie-cutter, potent marijuana seed variety.

It is quite short and rarely exceeds a meter in height. During maturation, it becomes covered with large, dense buds, which are even covered with a milky coating of juicy trichomes.

Auto Apple Fritter is one of the varieties of marijuana seeds that very bluntly proves that autoflowering varieties can successfully compete with full-season varieties in their power and performance. THC of 23-25% in a predominantly Indica strain guarantees a very nice combination of energy and action. It stimulates in a way that does not cause excessive excitement, calms you down, but does not force you to lie down mindlessly. It is highly recommended for people who struggle with anxiety, excessive stress, jittery or other stress-related problems.

The Apple Fritter marijuana seed strain is like a hot-burnt apple pie! Very expressive apple flavor blends lightly with notes of earth and sweet cookies. A very interesting and, most importantly, tasty combination.

The autoflowering Apple Fritter is a plant with high growth vigor, with proper care it will build a fairly compact structure of really beautiful buds. As befits an Indica-predominant plant, Apple Fritter has short internodal spacing on the main stem. It produces large, thick and dark green leaves as it grows.

Keep in mind that the Apple Fritter cannabis seed strain is not the easiest variety to grow. Especially for beginner Growers, it can be problematic. Auto Apple Fritter is a variety very sensitive to any overfeeding with mineral fertilizers, and unfortunately, as an automat, it does not forgive too many mistakes. Here, however, a smile to all growers who choose organic farming - Apple Fritter Auto can really pay back beautifully, with this type of properly conducted cultivation. Organic Rulez! Definitely for this variety;).

DESTINATION: Indoor / Outdoor.

TYPE: 90% Indica / 10% Sativa.

FLOWERING: 70 - 75 days after sprouting.

HEIGHT: About 100 centimeters.

PRODUCTION: 80-150 gr / plant out, 400-450 gr / m2 indoors.

Taste: Very apple-colored with an earthy twist.


EFFECTS: Very positive, relaxing effect. An amazing combination of energy and peace.

MEDICAL VALUES: Relieves pain, stress, and anxiety. It calms you down and allows you to breathe in balance.

Remember that in Poland you can only collect marijuana seeds.

Product Details

Flowering time
6 - 7 tygodni
Mostly Indica
THC Content
More than 20%

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