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TRIPLE CHEESE™ is the crossing of our BLUE CHEESE™ with the powerful Original Cheese (Skunk#1 phenotype), created over many generations of selections and back crossing to give this amazing strain. TRIPLE CHEESE™ is everything we wanted to create and more.   But wait, it gets better; this plant is easy to grow and produces dense buds with a remarkable...
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New Fast Version Semi-automatic now available in the land of Gnomes! A cheese delicacy with a very fast flowering time and solid vigor. Semi-Auto is characterized by a very high yield and a compact Top structure. The seeds are available in the Gnome store only for collecting purposes.
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A self-flowering hybrid with a slight dominance of the Sativa species. Delicious cannabis flavor, with a high reaction power, to be mowed in a short time. A theme for many flavors of Marijuana, flavored with fruit flavors with whipped. Hemp will delight the collector with its grace of unique, sticky buds. It is a very potent Marijuana that targets...
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Autoflowering cheese delicacy for seed fans based on Skunk # 1 genetics. Marijuana, with many advantages, and the original sound, which is the intense smell of cheese here! Fast Automatic Mowing Machine 9 weeks after sprouting, yields a high level and has very stable genetics. Cheese Autoflowering available in the Gnome store for collectibles only!
A cheese variety of resinous buds that gives the world huge crops in a short time! Potent Semi-Autoflower Marijuana is aimed at users who tolerate a high level of THC. The easy-to-grow Merry Jane seeds are perfect outdoors, where they show armor resistance to mold and pests. We cordially invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer of the Spanish...
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