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The original genetics of the legendary Amnesi Haze in the Autoflowering version! Very potent in Action, Marijuana is aimed at users who tolerate high levels of THC and are ready to fly high! Fast yielding and strength are probably the German advantages of this Cannabis. In addition, cannabis produces beautifully colored buds with an incredibly fresh and...
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A new slot machine from forest gnomes! The cult Amnesia Haze in the Autoflowering version! Delicious inflorescences for lovers of the Cannabis Haze family. Strong marijuana with medical properties. Harvesting is much faster thanks to the intersection of our all-season Amnesia Haze with the mysterious Vending Machine. 75% Sativa whose genes are worth...
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Amnesia Haze Auto Feminized by Biogenetic. DESTINATION: Indoor / Outdoor. GENETICS: Complicated. Thai, Cambodian, Loatian, Jamiacan Haze and Afghani Hawaiian. TYPE: Mostly Sativa. FLOWERING: 8 - 10 Weeks from Pestka. HEIGHT: Medium. PRODUCTION: Large. TASTE: Spicy, peppery, earthy, herbal, citrusy, even with a hint of berries. THC CONCENTRATION: 19 -...
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