Blueberry Cookies by Dinafem Seeds is a feminised Indica-dominant marijuana seed derived from the cross of two cannabis heavyweights: Blueberry and Girl Scout Cookies The result is an incredible strain boasting the amazing traits of the Cookies family, one of the most cherished and loved lineages nowadays available in the USA. Top-level tastes and effects!
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The new Fast Semi-automatic for fans of C99 genetics! Vigorous Cannabis strain with stable genetics from Gnome! Resistant to mold, it creates buds with a slightly less dense structure, which results in better air circulation inside the inflorescence. Cannabis seeds in the form of Feminized seeds are available in our store only for collectors!
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Blueberry variety, with a very sweet smoke flavor! 65% Indica for the fruity Marijuana tasters! FastBuds created its own Autoflowering Blueberry in 2021. A refreshed version of the cult strain, with the flavor of American blueberries. The machine is very easy to grow and can be easily handled by beginner growers, germinating seeds in a country where the...
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