Hello my Irish fellows

I am operating in the EU cannabis seeds (seedbank), but not limited to, market for over three years and now we decided to come back to our origins.

We have over 40 european and US manufacturers rounding up to about 600 strains all in stock in our secret fridge ready to be shipped same day. We constantly keep adding to our stock so you can expect many more to appear in our store in following months. Just let us know what you need and we will do our best to add requests as soon as possible.

Every strain can be purchased on pick'n'mix basis as we open and repack every pack to eppendorf (plastic) tube accordingly to orders placed signing every single one to avoid mixing so important genes.

As already mentioned before all seeds are in stock meaning anything you can add to cart on our webstore https://gnomesgarden.ie is ready waiting to be shipped so no delays in getting what you desire even in minutes (collection possible in Waterford area) and in 24hrs in most of cases. Seeds are safely packed to plain packages so noone will ever be able to tell whats inside.

Every order comes with freebies like rolling papers, filters, grinders, pens, t-shirts stock dependant and every 20 euros or more order spent in our store we add free seed - auto or feminized you choose!

Sounds interesting? Why not pop in to our webstore https://gnomesgarden.ie
Got any questions? You can always leave a message.

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