Strawberry Diesel Feminised (Gnomes Seeds)
Strawberry Diesel Feminised (Gnomes Seeds)
Strawberry Diesel Feminised (Gnomes Seeds)
Strawberry Diesel Feminised (Gnomes Seeds)
Strawberry Diesel Feminised (Gnomes Seeds)
Strawberry Diesel Feminised (Gnomes Seeds)
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Strawberry Diesel Feminised (Gnomes Seeds)
Strawberry Diesel Feminised (Gnomes Seeds)
Strawberry Diesel Feminised (Gnomes Seeds)
Strawberry Diesel Feminised (Gnomes Seeds)
Strawberry Diesel Feminised (Gnomes Seeds)
Strawberry Diesel Feminised (Gnomes Seeds)

Strawberry Diesel Feminised (Gnomes Seeds)

Gnomes Seeds
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GENETICS :  Strawberry Cough x Sour Diesel

GENES : Indica 50%/50% Sativa

FLOWERING : 60-70 Days.

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Strawberry Diesel Feminized Cannabis Seeds (Gnomes Seeds)

Our latest offer of all season seeds! The seeds were created as a result of creating a cross between our most strawberry strawberry cough and the old, iconic NYC diesel oil. Feminized Hybdryda 50% Sativa / 50% Indica, for connoisseurs of taste, strength and balanced Sativa genetics or Indica. Potent in action Marijuana 25% THC, which in many patients reduces anxiety and social anxiety. Medically used to fight depression, but only for patients who tolerate very high THC saturation. Hemp Seeds aimed at chefs' legends in Poland towards collectors. The germination of Marijuana seeds in Poland is not true.

Distinct diesel fuel flavor, with a strawberry shade. The earthy, fuel tones that Cannabis inherited from its mother, NYC Diesel, are noticeable here. The buds are heavily flooded with trichome icing as 25% of the THC saturation had to be stuffed somewhere. Merry Jane, full-season, very strong in action, intended for patients suffering from depression and muscle pain. Of course, not all people with depression cannabis calms. Their bodies have to tolerate heavy doses of the cannabinoid THC. You should first check whether a given variety corresponds to our body.

50% Sativa / 50% Indica hybrid. Our newest strawberry-fuel delicacy has the character of Medical Marijuana. One of the parents - Strawberry Cough, has a thunderous amount of therapeutic terpenes in its resin - Alpha Pinene and Beta Pinene. These terpenes have a natural ability to fight inflammation, and focuses on eliminating such a state as soon as it appears. Other varieties very rich in these terpenes are: Jack Herer, and Blue Dream.

Medical Marijuana is also successfully used by patients tormented by unjustified anxiety attacks, problems with leaving home and making contacts with people. Seasonal marijuana is perfect for the production of medical extracts from resinous inflorescences. A good proposition for people struggling with high stress during the day, who want to loosen their tight coils for the evening. Many patients also notice the effect of better sleep and faster falling asleep.

In every third person, smoke causes quite a drought in the mouth, so it's a good idea to put a bottle of your favorite drink next to the joiner. The effect of Strawberry Diesel Marijuana is an uplifting high that relieves the head from stress. Strong sense of happiness and motivation. Beginner patients may feel an overly intense effect that will bind them to the couch for a while. However, experienced patients, immediately after the cloud from the vaporizer, will feel the will to creative action, the desire to contact other people, and the opportunity to focus on a given task. CBD here amounts to a maximum of 1%.

How's the harvest going? Our latest seeds are aimed at Dutch enthusiasts of indoor cultivation. From one meter of our cultivation box we grub 500-550 grams of dried fruit.

How long does the cultivation take? Flowering itself will take an average of 56 days. To this we must also add the growing season and induction. Remember that in this case the Dutch Grower decides how long it plans to keep the plant in the vegetative phase. By giving the trees 18 hours of light, they will only form stems and fan leaves. After changing the photoperiod for 12 hours of the day, compared to twelve hours of night, after about 10-16 days, our baby from the induction phase will turn into flowering, informing us about it with white hair coming from the tops of the stems.

Plant growth usually does not exceed 150 cm. With a shorter growing season, our plants will measure 110-120 cm without training. The topic is aimed at experienced users, but beginner farmers will not have a problem with the cultivation itself.

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Flowering time
8 - 10 weeks
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