Big Bud x Northern Lights Auto Feminized (Gnomes Seeds)
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Big Bud x Northern Lights Auto Feminized...

Big Bud x Northern Lights Auto Feminized (Gnomes Seeds)

Gnomes Seeds
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The gnomes have just finished perfecting their newest Cannabis. We are honored to present you an automatic machine, for which we will have to wait 65-70 days from the moment the seeds are sown in Dutch soil. Fast autoflowering marijuana with huge buds and healing properties. Indian hemp quickly produces swollen, magnificent inflorescences that will certainly impress many cultivation enthusiasts in the Czech box. The germination of Marijuana seeds in Poland is prohibited.

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Big Bud x Northern Lights Auto Feminized Cannabis Seeds by Gnomes Seeds

The gnomes are very pleased with the quality of the stabilized genetics they have managed to create in the last year. Finally, we can supply our collector's stocking boxes with the new Autoflowering 85% Indica strain. Cannabis has the nature of Medical Marijuana, however, it is aimed at patients who tolerate a high degree of THC saturation. This cannabinoid is found in 17-19% of the buds. Marijuana is strong in action, but it is not a species straight from those that will crush us into the couch, putting heavy strain on the eyelids. Cannabis seeds are aimed at connoisseurs of the topic, medical patients and people struggling with a lot of stress every day.

The first strains of the full-season Northern Lights were created in the first half of the 1980s in Washington. The fascinating blue medical strain was rapidly propagated in the Netherlands and very quickly became a cult variety around the globe.

Big Bud was established in North America at a similar time. Named for its incredibly bulky tops. Marijuana yields very good yields, with a THC potency of over 20%.

Our dwarfs used the strongest in action and yielding Big Bud, combining it with the bluest Northern Lights, with very high deposits of sticky resin. The gnomes then took advantage of the Ruderalis genetics, or cannabis, discovered in Russia in 1924 by a botanist named Janischewsky. Thanks to the Ruderalis genes, our Cannabis will bloom on its own without our interference, and it usually takes place between 16-25 days from the germination of the seed.

The harvest that awaits the Dutch indoor gardeners is 500-600 grams of dry matter per square meter. Outside, we cut 70-100 grams of dried seeds from one seed.

Crops will be fully mature 65-70 days after the cannabis seed has germinated. So it is a fast automaton with tremendous potential and good THC potency.

Plant growth does not exceed 120 cm. Some planets form lower and wide plants, then measuring 80 cm. An excellent Automatic for Outdoor variety.

The taste of buds can be associated with sweet pineapple and fresh mango. Although one of the immediate parents of the new Gnome Automata is Northern Lights blue, most of the plants are light green in color with orange elements.

Medical Marijuana Auto from Feminized seeds is great for stomach problems, migraines, pain in joints and muscles. It also makes fussy eaters look into the fridge more often. 85% Indica Marijuana can be eaten at any time of the day. It is not a head tear that will thwart our plans during the day with its overly blunt action.

Automatic machines are very easy to grow and will not cause problems for beginner farmers in a country where the germination of Marijuana seeds is not illegal.

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