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Lemonade OG Feminizowane (Real Gorilla Seeds)
  • Lemonade OG Feminizowane (Real Gorilla Seeds)

Lemonade OG x Freezeland Feminizowane (Real Gorilla Seeds)

8,00 €
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If you liked our Lemonade OG outdoors then wow you are in for a real treat, please welcome to the RGS catalogue Lemonade OG x Freezeland , lemonade OG did exceptionally well outdoors giving indoor quality Lemon laden sticky buds on sticks making trimming an easy task ,something any outdoor grower hopes for, now crossed to the outdoor legend from Canada (Freezeland) these girls are now kicking some arse and packing  up a stink when in full flower so we don’t recommend growing near foot traffic or pathways , expect these to finish mid to end September outdoors in northern hemisphere and reward you with Lemon sticky nugs of plenty.

Lemonade OG x Freezeland can be temperamental in Indoor conditions when starting seedlings , we recommend not giving less than 20hrs of light in vegetative stage and not planting out before the spring equinox, plant out mid May onwards for best results.

  • Genetics Lemonade OG x Freezeland IBL S1
  • Harvest September
  • Feminised
  • Semi Auto

Szczegóły produktu

Czas kwitnienia
8 - 10 tygodni
Indica / Sativa
Fast Version
Zawartość THC
Między 15-20%