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Early Maroc FEM (Philosopher Seeds)
  • Early Maroc FEM (Philosopher Seeds)
  • Early Maroc FEM (Philosopher Seeds)
  • Early Maroc FEM (Philosopher Seeds)
  • Early Maroc FEM (Philosopher Seeds)
  • Early Maroc FEM (Philosopher Seeds)
  • Early Maroc FEM (Philosopher Seeds)
  • Early Maroc FEM (Philosopher Seeds)

Early Maroc FEM (Philosopher Seeds)

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We only recommend Early Maroc for outdoor growing, since indoors it is a difficult plant to grow because it needs high light intensity during all the cultivation to prevent genetic anomalies.

This marijuana strain produces robust and compact plants, very easy to grow and with really dense and resinous buds. But if we have to highlight one of its features, it undoubtedly is its precocity: it can be harvested in mid August, and if planted in March-April, this time will be reduced.

Early Maroc reaches medium height (125-175 cm), offering good yields even with minimum care and onunsuitable substrates. Also, and mostly during flowering, its nutrient needs are low.

For growing in balconies and terraces - for what it's really well adapted - it is recommended to use 25L pots, although in 40-50L pots the plants will give their full potential.

We can say that Early Maroc has been specially created for "guerrilla growing" because of both its excellent adaptability to arid substrates and its early flowering. All this things make possible to harvest it before the woods are invaded by thieves, hunters and mushroom pickers.


When the plant is green, it presents a sweet aroma, very similar to strawberry chewing gum. During the curing process this aroma will be gaining spicy and old wood notes. Regarding its effect, it's slightly euphoric during the first 30 minutes, but in the second phase of the high it becomes both mind and body relaxing. This second phase is short.

It's a perfect plant for making hashish, with qualities really close to the best Moroccan double zero.Features:

Genetics: Maroco landrace

Content Sativa-Indica: 100% Sativa

Outdoor harvest Northern Hemisphere:Mid/late August

Outdoor harvest Southern Hemisphere:Mid/late February

Indoor production: 350-450 gr/m2

Outdoors production: 350-450 g/plant.

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100% Sativa