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After years in development, WORLD OF SEEDS has launched onto the market one of our breeders’ most highly prized polyhybrids. 

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After years in development, WORLD OF SEEDS has launched onto the market one of our breeders’ most highly prized polyhybrids. This is an excellent cross which preserves the most outstanding genetic traits most highly valued by cannabis lovers such as, for example, hybrid vigour, high germination success rates, high resistance to pests, short flowering cycle, high levels of THC and CBD and unmatchable taste and aroma. WORLD OF SEEDS specialists achieved these genetic results by crossing then re-crossing as described: this strain’s genetic lineage starts with a selection of clones from SOUTHERN BRAZIL whose genes contribute potent introspective highs and heightened resistance to pests. Females from selected clones were then crossed with a selection of homogeneous CINDERELLA 99 and MATANUSKA TUNDRA males that confer excellent yields, extraordinarily high quality resin and a short flowering cycle. The resulting cross was then cultivated in a greenhouse to tame its wild ancestral landrace genes then treated with STS technology from the NATURAL PRODUCTS AND SEEDS AND LIFE laboratories in Amsterdam to produce a super stable F1 polyhybrid whose genes are perfectly suited for growing indoors or outside in mild climates and, naturally, with a highly homogeneous chemotype, that is to say, very similar in its effect, aroma and fragrance.

Genotype           25% indica / 75% sativa

THC        >20%

Indoor Harvest Time      from 60 to 70 days

Flavour Sweet fruit

Way of cropping              Ind/Out

Production         350-450 gr indoor / 350-500 gr outdoor

Smell     High

Efect     Euphoric

Resistance to mold         Medium

Outdoor Harvest Time  mid-October

Resistance to plagues   Medium

Sex        Feminized

Lineage                kali mist/black domina/colombian

Irrigation tolerancy         High

Medicinal value               Medium

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Flowering time
10 weeks and longer
Mostly Indica
THC Content
More than 20%