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Auto Blue Himalaya Regular  (Short Stuff Seed)
  • Auto Blue Himalaya Regular  (Short Stuff Seed)

AUTO Blue Himalaya Regular (Short Stuff Seedbank)

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Auto Blue Himalaya by Short Stuff Seed Banck is an indica dominant auto which is the result of crossing the fattest, most resinous Nepalese kush plant we could find with our auto line and then introducing a complex blueberry hybrid.

The result is a highly resinous strain which stays very short and gives off a wonderful blueberry aroma. The plant has very chunky, compact buds and has wonderful medicinal qualities borne out of its indica heritage. This strain finishes very quickly and is sure to please.

Blue Himalaya is one of our range of ‘dwarf autos’ for people looking for a stealthy plant that stays short and stocky but still produces excellent yields of top quality medical marijuana.

Blue Himalaya will rarely exceed 15 inches and will go from seed to bud in around 65 days.

Blue himalaya will begin to auto-flower after around 18-21 days and then exhibits explosive bud growth with limited stretching and often ends up producing one massive main cola which can weigh as much as an ounce on its own!

Type : Regular Auto flowering indica hybrid

Auto Type: Dwarf auto

Height : 10 – 15 inches

Harvest : 8-10 weeks from seed

Yield : 16 – 32g per plant || Up to 400g per Sq Meter


Effect : heavy indica hit

Potency : 8/10

Szczegóły produktu

Flowering time
8 - 10 weeks
Mostly Indica
THC Content