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Herijuana Feminized (Sannie`s Seeds)

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(herijuana ibl feminized)
The long waited herijuana feminized is now a fact, two winning pheno's are used to make this feminized version.
Top strain for medical users and blowers that are looking for that extra punch not seen in years.
This fabulous indica with many fine qualities is renowned and loved world-wide. Because of the high thc content and the narcotic effect, Herijuana is widely used as a medicinal cannabis strain. The extremely compact flowers are covered with trichomes and the smell is intoxicating

This plant originates from Woodhorse and was perfected in a selection by Motarebel. Sannie and Motarebel share their precious genetics, and since Motarebel is unable to breed marijuana seeds for himself at the moment, Sannie continues his work with a new selection of Herijuana
I received the seeds in 2006 and first grew them two cycles to get to know the strain. Then we selected the best pheno's to produce our first batch of Herijuana seeds. From this first generation we selected an exceptional male which proved to be the perfect match for our original mother. So these seeds are the back-cross of this male and my original mother.

Herijuana is a fast, open and branchy grower. Actually, she shows a Sativa style of development but she blooms like a real indica. This results in an open plant and rock-hard, golf ball shaped buds covered in trichomes. The vigorous branching of this indica dominant makes it extremely suitable for Screen of Green (scrog) styles of growing. She continues to grow the first two weeks of flowering so you can stop scrogging early into flowering. Highly recommended for medicinal users and those who enjoy a real strong indica. It doesn't get much stronger than this!
Warning: Novice users are advised that this is a very powerful strain. Adjust dosage accordingly.
Product Informatie
Type: Mostly indica
Flowering time 7-9 weeks
Harvest up to 500 gram/m2(indoor)
Taste: sandalwood/afghani
Effect: heavy medical body stone
flowers They are rockhard with lots of cristals
THC: Percentage up to 25%

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