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Strappleberry Regular (Naw Seeds)
  • Strappleberry Regular (Naw Seeds)

Strappleberry Regular (Naw Seeds)

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After obtaining these original Appollo 13 f4 seeds from Motarebel a small selection was done and provided us a sturdy short flowering female, she tastes like spicy pineapples and has rockhard golfbal nugs. She is ready in 56 days.

The Polar Bear male used in this cross is the same used for Strawberry Blues. He brings more vigour to the cross and also boosts up the thc levels with his G-13 background. Also expect more growth power from the Hashplant dominant pheno's.
The strawberry/diesel genes fit perfect with the spicy pineapple of the A13 and the flavours quikly merge into one.

Put 9 plants maximum on a square meter as they can grow big with enough root space, they can strech 3/4 times depending on phenotype expressions.

The Appollo 13 pheno's will flower for 50/59 days, the Polar Bear pheno's take a little longer up to 70 days maximum for the Hp pheno's.

Flowering time: 8/10 weeks
Yield: 500/600gr/m2
Taste: bananas/ peaches

The seeds are made 100% organic, grow them organic to get the best out of them!

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Szczegóły produktu

Flowering time
8 - 10 weeks
Mostly Sativa
THC Content