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Green Remedy Regular (Naw Seeds)
  • Green Remedy Regular (Naw Seeds)

Green Remedy Regular (Naw Seeds)

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G-39 is one of our flagship when it comes to a medicinal variety, she is helping many people out there and is providing a better life for those in need. We found that the HeadCandy male used in the cross is the key factor for enhancing the pain relieving quality’s and also brings stability.

Green Remedy is a backcross to the HeadCandy male, again to enhance his capabilities and to create even more stability. They have almost no smell and are easy to cultivate and maintain.
They have a HeadCandy build up but with a G-39 bud profile, off the chart thc sugar coating.

This is a cross made for potency in cannabinoids, as you will encounter phenotypes with triple AAA thc coating and almost no real weed smell. The scent varies from artificial chlorine pool smell to a more floresh input from the KillaQueen side of the spectrum. The cannabinoid profile is very medicinal and should give patients something to work with, the potency is all in there.

Don’t put to many plants on a square meter cause as a hybrid they will grow fast and big.
The yield is decent, but that was not the goal for this variety, this one is for the patients.
Flowering time is around 9 weeks, low feeders with great medical value.
Put on some goggles, this one is very sparkly.

  • genetics: G-39 x HeadCandy
  • in/outdoor: Indoor
  • reg/fem: regular
  • flo time: 10 weeks
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Flowering time
8 - 10 weeks
Indica / Sativa
THC Content