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Blue Hammer Regular (Naw Seeds)
  • Blue Hammer Regular (Naw Seeds)

Blue Hammer Regular (Naw Seeds)

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Blue Hammer is the one i adopted from Sannie and is an ongoing project spread over many years.

One of the first crosses i have ever made was Blue Hammer f2, those date back to 2012.

Since then multiple selctions are done and several crosses were made with our Blue Hammer f1 male. Crosses like HeadCandy, Hammerhead, Blue Shaze and Atomic Jam are all the outcome of the Blue Hammer f1 male. Excellent stability, great overall hybrid power/vigor and the velvet touch is what he is known for. Almost everything he touches get’s better and better.

In 2014 i started to select for the next generation, we do this in a small set up to keep the lines short and clear. Blue Hammer#2 is the one from the f2 that stood out, a rare Hammer pheno that smells like strawberries. A sturdy phenotype that resembles the exact copy of the original Blue Hammer looks and feel. Slightly more indica but enough sativa for the real haze lovers.

We have made some crosses with her already like Strawberry Blues, Hammerhead v3 and saw the tru power she has hidden inside of her. I have used her and the original f1 male to create this f3.


After years of breeding and selecting the best pheno’s, the f3 has got the complete package when it comes to this point. The tru hybrid vigor and the emerge of flavours/scents are complex but clearly a mix of all the pheno’s found in the f1 and f2. Flavours like vanilla/berries/red wine/caramel come with great nuances, the high comes up in an instant and resembles all you know from Blue Hammer in particular. Very strong and powerfull her terpene profile makes this a special variety when it comes to medical value. Very helpfull for people with ADHD, anxiety and sleep disorder.

Genetics: BBIxJB / Jack Hammer

Sex:  Regular

Flo Time: 9-10 weeks

Yield: up to 600gr/m2

Taste: Fruit/Haze

THC: up 22%

Szczegóły produktu

Flowering time
8 - 10 weeks
Mostly Sativa
THC Content
More than 20%