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Fast Serious 6 Glue Feminizowany (MJ Seeds)
  • Fast Serious 6 Glue Feminizowany (MJ Seeds)
  • Fast Serious 6 Glue Feminizowany (MJ Seeds)

Fast Serious 6 Glue Feminizowany (MJ Seeds)

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Every grower should know Serious 6, which is extremely sativa dominant and has a very short flowering period. MJ SEEDS managed to create a serious 6 hybrid with their proprietary autoflowering strain Gorilla Glue.
Thanks to this combination, the producers obtained a highly mold-resistant, fast semi-automatic variety, Fast Serious 6 Glue.
Fast Serious 6 Glue stands out from the usual Serious 6 in its power and speed of flowering. According to MJ SEEDS, some strains may turn pink when the first preflowers appear.
Fast Serious 6 Glue's bud structure is incredibly compact and extremely resinous. The aroma of the variety created by MJ Seeds is incomparable to other varieties, and its taste is characterized by a hint of lemon with a hint of anise and a slight spice.
A significant element of this variety is a small amount of marginal leaves, thanks to which the enthusiast of cannabis cultivation will have less work to care for their peaks in the final result of the harvest.
Fast Serious 6 Glue (MJ SEEDS) was created mainly for enthusiasts of outdoor cultivation, but that does not mean that it is not suitable for indoor cultivation. On the contrary. The classic Serious 6's only drawback was its low potency, although by crossing it with the autoflowering Gorilla Glue, the MJ Seeds seed growers were able to increase the potency of this strain to 21% THC. (30% Indica, 70% Sativa) IMPORTANT! Most cannabis seed shops give inflated descriptions about the final yield of a given variety. MJ SEEDS gives the real end result of a given variety under ideal growing conditions.
The descriptions of our varieties are authentic.
All the seeds of our cannabis varieties have been tested by us and a trusted group of cannabis enthusiasts.
Specification of Fast Serious 6 Glue from MJ SEEDS:
Type: Feminized,Fast Version (semi-seasonal)
Phenotype: indica  30%, 70% sativa (hybrid)
Growing Difficulty: Easy Yield of indoor cultivation  250-450 grams of dried plants per plant '
Outdoor yield: 120-350 grams dried per plant
Cycle from germination to yield (male turkey): approx. 120 days Cycle from germination to harvest (outdoor): 120-140 days
THC: 18-21%
CBD: 0.12%

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Flowering time
8 weeks and less
Indica / Sativa
Fast Version
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