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Auto Do-Si-Dos 2 Feminized (MJ Seeds)

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Auto Do-Si-Dos # 2 : The autoflowering strain from MJ SEEDSauto Do-Si-Dos # 2 is a indica dominant hybrid. Its rapid growth in just 8-9 weeks from seed to felling makes it one of the most popular autoflowering strains. It is characterized by a strong structure, thick stem and branching.

Thanks to these features, Auto Do-Si-Dos # 2 does not take up much growing space, which makes it ideal for indoor and outdoor cultivation, as it is easily integrated into the surrounding vegetation of your garden.

During the organoleptic test by users of this variety, the producer confirms the domination of sweet, spicy and earthy flavors. The effect of  Auto Do-Si-Dos # 2 lasts for a long time, causing a relaxing and strong effect on the user. Growing this autoflowering strain produced by the growers of MJ SEEDS is very easy to grow, even if you make the usual mistakes made by Young marijuana enthusiasts. MJ SEEDS recommends cultivation in 11 liter pots (male), while outdoors, 25 liter holes are recommended using light soil mixed with perlite, eg CompoSanna Professional. Due to the high content of cannabinoids (18-23% THC), Auto Do-Si-Dos # 2 should be used by people with greater tolerance to tetrahydrocannabinol than the average cannabis user. The height of this variety without any training to increase the yield should not exceed 130 cm. When performing low-stress training, Do-Si-Dos # 2 can be perfectly integrated into the green surroundings in your garden, which will make this variety unobtrusive compared to other plants.

The yield that MJ SEEDS and the Auto Do-Si-Dos # 2 autoflowering testers have achieved is from 70-100 grams in outdoor cultivation, while in garden cultivation it is from 40-80 grams of the final product. IMPORTANT! Most cannabis seed shops give inflated descriptions about the final yield of a given variety. MJ SEEDS gives the real end result of a given variety under ideal growing conditions. The descriptions of our varieties are authentic. All seeds of our cannabis varieties have been tested by us and a trusted group of cannabis enthusiasts.

Auto Do-Si-Dos # 2 specification from MJ SEEDS:

Type: Autoflowering Phenotype: 65% indica 55% sativa (hybrid)

Growing Difficulty: Easy

Indoor yield  70-100 grams of dried plant per plant Outdoor yield: 40-80 grams dry per plant

Cycle from germination to yield: 8-9 weeks

Cycle from germination to yield (outdoors): 10-12 weeks THC: 18-23% CBD: 0.19%

Taste qualities: earthy, sweet and spicy

Height without training: from 80 cm to 130 cm

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