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Purple Russian Express Feminised (Kalashnikov Seeds)

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Genetics, with a compact inflorescence that sparkles with beautiful colors of purple, green and orange. Marijuana enthusiasts, in a legal country, will be impressed by the quality of the final harvest and its weight. A very strong Marijuana with a typical Indica hit and a high THC level. It is not recommended for new cannabis users. 21% of the THC of this strain can stick to the chair, the effect is extremely long. The seeds can be purchased in our store in Poland, fully legally for collecting purposes, it is forbidden to germinate them.

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Purple Russian Express Feminized Cannabis Seeds (Kalashnikov Seeds)

Purple Indian Hemp 80% Indica advantage, with a strong effect. Marijuana promotes the treatment of ailments related to muscle pain and joint problems. A fast Cannabis, with a discreet growth that fits perfectly under the Czech outdoor cloud. Clumped buds are characterized by enormous layers of resin decorating the bud.


Big Daddy Purple x White Russian x Secret Hybrid

How Much Time Until Harvest?

The purple flowers take another 50-55 days from the moment of flowering to develop into a ready-to-harvest Cannabis. A fast Indica of discreet growth, often the favorite of outdoor collectors.

How Much THC?

The inflorescence is rich in 21% psychoactive THC. Marijuana is therefore one of the strains that cause strong intoxication, lasting extremely long.

Medical Application

The strain created by Russian enthusiasts is often used by patients facing many ailments. Dry tea relieves stress well and allows the nerves tired during the day to relax. Great Marijuana for an evening movie show. Many patients use products based on Purple Russian Express to fight insomnia and lack of appetite. 80% Indica / 20% Sativa has a relaxing effect on muscle spasms and persistent joint pain. A variety that is strongly saturated with therapeutic terpene, called Humulen. It has a natural ability to fight bacterial infections and inflammation.

Indoor yields

The final harvest in the Indoor growing box promises to be satisfactory, as one square meter can yield 500-600 grams of herbs. In the last three weeks of flowering, Hemp looks amazing and will surely please the eye of a Dutch grower.

Outdoor harvest

The producer ensures that with optimal conditions and proper feeding of the plants, we can get 800-1200 grams of the subject outside in a fairly short time. Cannabis feels great under the skies of Western Europe, because the conditions in which it was created do not spoil deeply in Russia. A very stable strain with an extremely weather-resistant structure.

What height?

Discreet grains will shoot into the sky only 90-130 cm high. Hemp creates a wide, low, budded tree with fan leaves typical of the Cannabis Indica family. It does not attract attention and it is easy to hide it from the eye of a lazy Dutch theft.

Inflorescences 80% Indica

One of the greatest strengths of Purple Russian Express Feminized is its amazingly beautiful flowers. They quickly take on a purple color, which, combined with the crystalline resin, creates an amazing visual effect for the eye. The buds are as compact as possible, yet resistant to the effects of mold under the Czech skies. All fan leaves surrounding the inflorescence are covered with syrupy resin.

Cannabis fragrance

An earthy, soil-like smell reminiscent of hashish. We also sense the sweet fruit element and incense.

Outdoor resistance

The buds perform very well against worse weather conditions, such as cooler nights and frequent rainfall. Quick Marijuana is ready for harvest at the end of September, so it can easily deal with mold in Western European climates.

More about the Producer

For over two decades, growers have been improving their strains in Russia, near Sochi. They cooperate with partners from St. Petersburg and the vicinity of China. Most of the seeds are based on the legendary AK-47 Marijuana genetics, developed by Dutch Serious Seeds.

The members of the Kalashnikov Seeds group cross the classic AK 47 with local Russian varieties. They also use the benefits of Spanish and Dutch genetics. The group has been growing cannabis since 2002, and they appeared on the market eleven years later.

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Szczegóły produktu

Flowering time
45-55 days
90-120 cm
50% Indica / 50% Sativa
700-800g/m2 Indoor
do 1300g Outdoor
Outdoor / Indoor
THC Content