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Kalashnikov Express Feminized (Kalashnikov Seeds)

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Cannabis produced in good old Kalashnikov Original. This strain was crossed with a variety that significantly accelerated the plant maturation process. A well-stabilized hybrid with a specific aroma associated with strawberry. You can buy Kalashnikov Express Feminized cannabis seeds in our store legally for collecting purposes, but in Poland their sprouting is forbidden and may cause serious problems with the law.

In pack

Kalashnikov Express Feminized Cannabis Seeds (Kalashnikov Seeds)

The word "Express" was added by the manufacturer for a reason. We will harvest the seeds two weeks earlier than the previous version of this variety. Unique Marijuana, based on the genetics of the original Kalashnikov, brings huge harvests in a short time.

How much time until felling?

From the moment the hemp blooms, cultivation only takes 45-55 days.

How Much THC?

Tests showed the presence of the cannabinoid THC at 18%. So it is a strong Marijuana, 50% Indica / 50% Sativa hybrid.

Indoor yielding

The producer claims that with proper plant management and perfect conditions, we can get even 700/800 grams of dried material from one square meter.

Outdoor harvest

The largest specimens of the Kalashnikov Express, grown in the open air, showed a weight of 1300 grams of a dry subject.


The plants are very discreet, which is why they are often chosen by enthusiasts of Dutch outdoor cultivation. The Indian hemp measures only 90-120 cm. What any bush likes to shoot harder from the kalash and reach a height of one and a half meters.


Although seeds are 50% Sativa / 50% Indica, the buds strongly resemble the more typical Indica flowers. Strongly compact, resinous buds dominated by light green, white and orange. The inflorescences of this variety are often used to produce high-quality hashish.


Very similar to the aroma of the classic AK-47, but we can sense some differences here. One of them is the delicate aroma of strawberry accompanying the vaporization of dried fruit. The taste is earthy, with elements of spice and fruit.


Marijuana from Feminized seeds is perfectly suited to the Dutch skies, because the conditions in which it was created often do not pamper. Deep Russia is the home of this Cannabis.

More about the Producer

For over two decades, growers have been improving their strains in Russia, near Sochi. They cooperate with partners from St. Petersburg and the vicinity of China. Most of the seeds are based on the legendary AK-47 Marijuana genetics, developed by Dutch Serious Seeds.

The members of the Kalashnikov Seeds group cross the classic AK 47 with local Russian varieties. They also use the benefits of Spanish and Dutch genetics. The group has been growing cannabis since 2002, and they appeared on the market eleven years later.

Szczegóły produktu

Flowering time
45-55 days
90-120 cm
50% Indica / 50% Sativa
700-800g/m2 Indoor
do 1300g Outdoor
Outdoor / Indoor
THC Content