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White Russian Feminized (Gnomes Seeds)

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A new product from our Gnome stable! White Rusek wants to be part of your collector's stocking full of Cannabis seeds. The variety is very resistant to mold, with an amazing level of better resin. The tops even glow with the frost that resides on them!

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White Russian Feminized Cannabis Seeds (Gnomes Seeds)

Many of you have not seen such frost as the one guaranteed by Feminized White Russian in your gardens! The syrupy resin is dripping down the cannabis flower in the final moments of flowering, which lasts an average of 58 days. Very fast Marijuana, genetically stable and highly resistant to spider mite attacks. Hemp buds rich in a very good terpene profile, which guarantees a delicious taste and a fresh smell. It is not very discreet, and the tree itself usually measures 80-120 cm. Indica dominance in which up to 23% THC dormant. A great selection of seeds for connoisseurs of evening smoking before a movie screening. White Russian makes us fall asleep deeply, and in the morning we wake up fully refreshed!

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Szczegóły produktu

Flowering time
~58 days
80% Indica
THC Content