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Jack Herer Feminized (Gnomes Seeds)

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GENETICS: Jack Herer x Secret Hybrid.

TYPE: Sativa Advantage.

FLOWERING: 60 - 70 days.

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Jack Herer Feminized Cannabis Seeds by Gnomes Seeds

Feminized Sativa dominance, with the fresh citrus scent of Marijuana Smoke. Of course, it will not lack the heavy sound of a good Baka. GNOMEN Cannabis Seed variety that grows up to 180cm in regions like Spain outdoors. Growing Cannabis indoors, Indoor usually measures 100-130 cm.

Hemp has a specific, intense high. It stimulates the imagination and encourages the recreational Dutch smoker to be creative. The predominance of the Sativa gene that is Harvest ready after 70 days of flowering.

Indian Hemp Enslaved In Its Tops Lots of THC, which ranges between 16-19%. Jack Herer Feminized is an exhilarating sounding strain for the brain, and for the Four Corners of the Indoor Growing Box. He will cheer the mad farmer up with his pure, fresh, citrus high.

The seeds of these Cannabis plants are undemanding and can be easily handled by beginner growers.

Quick Marijuana from Feminized Seeds will also make your parrots' beaks smile. Merry Jane collectible in the class or as a Healing Cannabis Delicacy for Parrots. Sprouting may only occur in the territory of a State where the cultivation of Marijuana is legal.

Jack Herer Feminized by Gnomes Seeds.

DESTINATION: Indoor / Outdoor.

GENETICS: Jack Herer x Secret Hybrid.

TYPE: Sativa Advantage.

FLOWERING: 60 - 70 days.

HEIGHT: Medium. (Outdoor approx. 180 cm / Indoor 100 - 130 cm.)

PRODUCTION: High. (Outdoor: 700 gr / plan. Indoor: 500 - 600 gr / m2.)

TASTE: Haze, incense, notes of citrus.


EFFECTS: Stimulating, stimulating the mind.

MEDICAL VALUES: Sativa not exceeding 20% ​​THC is perfect for alleviating many ailments, both physical and mental, while maintaining the ability to function normally during the day.

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Mostly Sativa
THC Content