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Bubble Gum Feminized (Gnomes Seeds)

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GENETICS: Original Bubble Gum x Secret Hybrid.

TYPE: Sativa Advantage.

FLOWERING: 55 - 65 days from the sprout.

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BubbleGum Feminized Marijuana Seeds from Gnomes Seeds

The BubbleGum Hemp variety is Feminized Seeds, with the sweet taste of fresh, ripe lime. There is also a whole range of other fruity flavors in the Marijuana Topki.

Very Fast Indian Hemp, which only needs 60 days to flower for Harvest.

Cannabis Feminized has a lot of THC in its beans and is rich in numerous TERPENS that hardly anyone knows about, and are extremely important.

Indoor Marijuana is only 70-110cm tall, so it's easy to handle in a Dutch Grow Box, Sprouting Seeds on the local soil. Bubble Gum by GNOMA is highly resistant to attacks by white and brown mold.

Hemp Seeds can only be Sprouted in a country where it is not prohibited. In Poland, we can only buy them for Collector's purposes.

A Marijuana variety for fans of bubble-gum jet flavors. Delicious Hemp Seeds that Indian parrots can't tear themselves away from. They peck, peck, mutter to each other that these Cannabis Seeds have a lime-colored sweet fruit flavor. Parrots are waiting for the Indian branch to be pollinated with a male strain of Marijuana to produce their favorite seeds in Topy.

The delicacies of parrots are made in highly resinous Cannabis Beans. When we light them, we will feel the euphoric state of deep relaxation of the brain hemispheres.

Feminized Hemp has a LOT of THC in it and is very easy to grow. Recommended for beginners, the Merry Jane is short, unobtrusive and measures up to 160cm outdoors. The Dutch Indoor growing box will welcome Feminized Konopiejki 70-110cm.

BubbleGum Feminized by Gnome is a Very Fast variety, under Harvest, ready only 60 days after the Seed will bloom, after a vegetative process in Dutch soil.

The variety is very resistant to pests and spores of hostile mold. The chameleon is in the Outdoor setting, where our Cannabis guerrilla is too fast for anyone to steal it from us. It hides well in the Czech thicket of grasses and will surprise the farmer with the amazingly delicious taste of its Resin Inflorescences.

Bubble Gum Feminized by Gnomes Seeds.

DESTINATION: Indoor / Outdoor.

GENETICS: Original Bubble Gum x Secret Hybrid.

TYPE: Sativa Advantage.

FLOWERING: 55 - 65 days from the sprout.

HEIGHT: Indoor up to 100 centimeters. / Outdoor up to 160 centimeters.


TASTE: Lime, various fruit flavors.


EFFECTS: Euphoria, body and emotions balance. Physical and cerebral effects.

MEDICAL VALUES: Perfect for relieving stress, relieving jittery. It will help with pain and tension. The predominance of sativa will keep your thinking clear.

Szczegóły produktu

Flowering time
8 - 10 weeks
Mostly Sativa
THC Content