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Auto Tangie Diesel Feminized (Gnomes Seeds)

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New product!!! Autoflower strain for fans of Sativa-dominant hemp seed genetics. Cannabis seeds with a fresh lemon flavor will give the grower a good harvest. The latest Autoflowering proposal from our Gnomes who have been working on it in the last few months in the corner of the forest world. Fresh seeds are already waiting in our refrigerators to become part of your hemp binder !!

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Auto Tangie Diesel Feminized Cannabis Seeds (Gnomes Seeds)

Tangie Diesel Automatic with the legendary Chamdawg in its genetics! Subsequent generations of other excellent genes produced a 70% Sativa-dominant Feminized strain. Strong Marijuana, THC up to 19%. The seeds are intended for parrots that want to fly high and keep their flight extremely long. Tangie Diesel Autoflowering cannabis will give them an extra pair of wings for hours. The euphoric phase of the happy high is one of the most important elements that characterize the effects of this cannabis on our brains. Feminised shrubs usually measure 80-130cm, creating more finger-like fan leaves that transmit the sun's rays well in a Dutch Outdoor field. Czech indoor enthusiasts can expect a square meter of these Cannabis to give them 500-600 grams for trimming 75 days after the seed sprouts. Of course, we are talking about enthusiasts who are located within the country where the cultivation of Marijuana is fully legal. In Poland, we can legally buy pips only for collecting purposes.

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Szczegóły produktu

Flowering time
75 days
70% Sativa
THC Content