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Auto Hindu Kush Feminized (Gnomes Seeds)


New from the Gnomes! Skrzaty has created a new cannabis strain with Autoflowering for you. Fresh seeds for collection are already waiting in our refrigerators to delight you with the incredible price of self-flowering marijuana! We kindly invite you to read the detailed description of this variety. The seeds are available in our store for collecting purposes only.

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Auto Hindu Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds (Gnomes Seeds)

Our Gnomes' seeds are characterized by the pleasant smell of the truest marijuana genes from the very source of its birth, i.e. the area of ​​the Hindu Kush mountains. A special delegation of gnomes set off on a long journey, only to return after some time with bags full of new seeds that could only arise in the vicinity of Afghanistan and Pakistan. The climate there created the Feminized cannabis strain with a THC level of 20%. Cannabis bushes do not smell very much during the vegetative period, but will intensify during the final two weeks of flowering Automatic Hindu-Kush. 90% Indica will delight your lungs with a refreshing high that will keep you on the couch for a long time before the screening. Cannabis from these seeds takes just 48 days from bloom to transform into fully mature Cannabis seeds. The taste is reminiscent of Afghan hashish with a hint of sweet tartness. The seeds may only be sprouted in a country where the cultivation of Merry Jane is not prohibited. In Poland, you can legally buy seeds for collecting purposes.

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