Mochalope Early Version Feminised (Gnomes Seeds)
Mochalope Early Version Feminised (Gnomes Seeds)
Mochalope Early Version Feminised (Gnomes Seeds)
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Mochalope Early Version Feminised (Gnomes Seeds)
Mochalope Early Version Feminised (Gnomes Seeds)
Mochalope Early Version Feminised (Gnomes Seeds)

Mochalope Early Version Feminised (Gnomes Seeds)

Gnomes Seeds
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Mochalope Fast Feminized by Gnomes Seeds.

DESTINATION: Indoor / Outdoor.

GENETICS: Oregon Afghani x Chocolope.

TYPE: Hybrid, Indian Advantage.

FLOWERING: 6 - 8 Weeks.



TASTE: Chocolate, coffee, earthy, spicy, sweet.


EFFECTS: Euphoria, sedation, relaxation.

MEDICAL VALUES: Sedative and hypnotic. Indications: Anxiety, arthritis, depression, migraines, stress.

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Clear your schedule for the rest of the evening as Mochalope will get you high faster than Medusa's gaze. Feminized Mochalope is packed with powerful buds that will give you a thrill all over your body.

After the first puff, clouds of chocolate euphoria fill your mind, clearing out all negative thoughts and silencing all anxieties. As the buzzing runs through your body, you will feel all your tense muscles relax and your mind will float in a puddle of happy juice.

Almost immediately, waves of calm will flow through your head, relieving stress, anxiety, and negative thoughts. Feminized Mochalope will fill your mind with calming brain vibrations. Eventually, the buzzing will reach every cell in your body, inducing a state of pure pleasure.

If you've had a bad day, feminized Mochalope can relieve your tension like a deep tissue massage. His chocolate smoke will caress you like a warm embrace. Mochalope is known to be a serious case of munchies, so you should prepare your snacks ahead of time.

Pro tip: It's a real culinary experience to have a piece of chocolate or coffee while roasting this variety. After giving a Mochalope feminized injection, there's no turning back.

It is not a daily variety due to its strong sedative properties. The only time you should enjoy this variety during the day is when you are taking a nap. If you fancy a coffee at night but don't want the caffeine to hold you back, try Feminized Mochalope.

The rich aroma and taste of coffee will satisfy your cravings, and the indica effect will make you sleep like a baby. A high THC content of around 24% will hit you harder than Mohammed Ali, so be careful not to overdo it.

In excess, some undesirable side effects include cotton wool in the mouth, dry eyes, and dizziness. Fear not as feminized Mocholape produces indica-dominant buds. If you overdo it, you'll likely get a one-way ticket to dreamland.

Product Details

Flowering time
8 weeks and less
Mostly Indica
Fast Version
THC Content
More than 20%

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