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Strawberry Pie Auto Feminized (FastBuds)


Strawberry delicacy for a gourmet with a strong Indica dominance. Smoke, flavored with cream and strawberry cake with skunk protection. Cannabis seeds with autoflowering to mow in a very short time! Dutch can only take 9 weeks, and it can be harvested for anyone, due to its THC-feed cultivation, which is as high as 26%. Plants nails beautiful inflorescences, tinted. The buds are characterized by an extreme level of sticky hosts as shown in the photos. There are so many trichomes that the buds are white. Character is made of orange hair, solutions that cannabis is slowly approaching the end of life. Canna product available in our online store in English collections. The germination of Marijuana seeds in Poland is not true.

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Strawberry Pie Auto Feminized Cannabis Seeds (Fastbuds)

A subject with a long-lasting and intense effect. Strong Autoflower Marijuana with THC as high as 26%. It is not a herb for everyone. Amateurs can make their faces green. The effects of Hemp is a calming state of focus and willingness to act, despite a strong Indica dominance of 85% / 15% Sativa. The high lasts a long time, but it is not Cannabis, which will bind us too much with the armchair. It puts the user in a state of deep concentration and is very good for various body pains.

We can expect the harvest after 63 days from the start of the seed in the Dutch pot. Some planets may arrive days later. The harvesting of Auto seeds in an outdoor setting is as follows. 70-160 grams of already dry topic from one plant. So it is quite efficient Automacik, with a tempting taste of strawberry dessert with whipped cream. Indoor enthusiasts can open the tent after about 10 weeks to welcome 400-500 grams of dry sideburns.

In addition to good potency, another important advantage of this specialty is the unique smoke flavor. Strawberry, whipped cream, cinnamon, pine and herb aromas. We can also sense red berries and a skunky panache. At times, our language will also register gas and fuel, which are remnants of the ancestors of the Diesel family. A very tempting combination for cannabis gourmets who pay a lot of attention to the organoleptic experience.

Boby are very bright due to the blunt trichomes on the flowers. At the end of the plant's life, the buds take on a light color: pink, red and purple. Autoflowering marijuana fits perfectly under the Dutch outdoor cloud. It shows strong resistance to mold seeds and worm attacks. It has a mega unobtrusive growth and the harvest is very fast. It is easy to hide in Czech reeds, because the bushes measure only 60-100 cm. An excellent proposition also for fans of Indoor crops, watering their children in lower cultivation boxes.

When growing outdoors, the manufacturer recommends the use of pots with a capacity of 12-15 liters to take full advantage of the plant's potential. They are very good at bending the stems and cutting the bottom suckers. The vending machine likes to eat lightly and is not a special glutton, so be careful not to overfeed.

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Szczegóły produktu

Flowering time
63 days from seed
60-100 cm
85% Indica / 15% Sativa
400-500 g/m2
THC Content
up to 26%
Strawberry / diesel / skunk