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Strawberry Banana Auto Feminized (Fastbuds)


FastBuds machines are becoming more and more popular among fans of Autoflowering varieties for a reason. Growers perfectly stabilize the genetics of their Cannabis, and today we present you a mega-strong Strawberry Banana Autoflower. Amazing layers of resin as you can see in the pictures. They contain a strong dose of the cannabinoid THC. Level tests that the saturation level of this level reach as high as 27%. Marijuana is absolutely not recommended for people who tolerate high THC. It causes very high intoxication and is used medicinally to fight persistent, troublesome pain in patients. Cannabis seeds can be fully legally purchased in Poland, but it is forbidden to germinate them.

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Strawberry Banana Auto Feminized Cannabis Seeds (Fastbuds)

Cannabis seeds 55% Indica / 45% Sativa. Created by a Spanish producer in 2021. Banana Kush & Bubble Gum are the direct parents of the full-season version of Strawberry Banana. FastBuds enthusiasts crossed a variety with a self-flowering strain. The greatest advantages of this Cannabis are its strong power and the accompanying delicious smoke flavor. It is characterized by the sweet taste of strawberry and banana. During Dutch cultivation, remember not to overfertilize plants, which will result in the degradation of extremely valuable terpenes and flavonoids, which are responsible for the taste, smell and medical powers of the herb. The cultivation of seeds takes 70-77 days, during which Hemp forms strongly resinous buds with an indiscreet smell. You'll need a decent carbon filter here. The saturation of THC reaches up to 27%. Ultra strong automat, therapeutically used in patients struggling with troublesome pain.

The inflorescences are heavily saturated with a therapeutic terpene called Kamfen. It has the natural ability to lower the levels of glycerol and triglycerides. It is also used to fight psoriasis and skin diseases with an infectious inflammatory basis.

Another important terpene that is densely present in inflorescences is Limonene. It is responsible for the sweet, fruity smell of our dried fruit. It exhibits a number of medicinal properties, the most impressive being that in one study Limonene caused the death of cancer cells in a laboratory lung cancer model and a brain cancer model.

Strawberry Banana Autoflower grows very high for an automaton. Keep this in mind when growing indoors. The cannabis will shoot up to 150 cm from the seed. The tree goes taller rather than spreading. It is a slender, tall Marijuana with brightly pale buds. Yields range from 450-600 grams from one square meter Indoor. The drought is heavy and compact and when it comes to the performance of the strain it is a well-balanced Indica / Sativa phase. Marijuana evokes a euphoric sense of contentment and isolation from stress.

Szczegóły produktu

Flowering time
70-77 days from seed
up to 150 cm
55% Indica / 45% Sativa
450-600 g/m2
THC Content
up to 27%
Banana / Strawberry