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Original Auto AK Feminised (Fastbuds)


We present to you the perfect Self-flowering seed from FastBuds enthusiasts! The legendary Cannabis, which most people need no introduction. Fast Automatic Machine with a strong and long-lasting effect! The smoke bullets of this Marijuana immediately reach where the name came from. Thanks to the perfectly stabilized genetics and 100% germination of seeds, this variety wants to have more and more Collectors in its clusters.

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Original Auto AK Feminized Hemp Seeds (FastBuds)

Very fast Feminised Automat in development, and Department! Marijuana seeds germinated in Dutch fields tested in just 63 days of life to make us feel the beauty of their swollen buds! 21% THC, dominant Sativa gene and will contribute to an energizing high, joy and uplifting the user's spirit. We will not only feel full energy in the body, and we are also seeing this cannabis grow very fast. After 3.4 weeks, Original Automatic AK is already reaching its target height, the fan leaves and new branches are simply growing before our eyes! Swollen, light-colored buds for their Czech maintainer Indoor produce 400-500 grams of dry broad beans. The taste of Feminized Marijuana Seeds is described by parrots as an earthy pine delicacy with a hint of citrus. The Strong Automatic Cannabis is short and usually grows 80-100 cm. Cannabis with very thick buds. Crystal trichomes lying on tops are impressive, the smell is very pleasant. The well-established genetics of Marijuana seeds from FastBuds want to become part of your collector's stock! Discreet Outdoor variety, well concealed in the Czech field, giving the farmer a quick harvest!

Szczegóły produktu

Flowering time
63 days
80-100 cm
70% Sativa
THC Content