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Mimosa Cake Auto Feminizes (FastBuds)


An autoflowering hybrid with a slight Sativa advantage. The variety was created in 2021 in Barcelona. Sweet in taste Cannabis, with a lemon aroma. There is also an earthy element in the taste, more associated with the genetics of Indica seeds. Mimosa Cake Autoflower is a very fast Slot Machine, which is cut in less than 10 weeks from the sieve. Growing cannabis seeds in Poland is illegal, but you can legally buy seeds in the country for collecting purposes.

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Mimosa Cake Auto Feminized Cannabis Seeds (FastBuds)

It took a long time to stabilize the latest genetics, but we can finally enjoy FastBuds' latest Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds. The enthusiasts from Spain created new seeds based on the genetics of Weeding Cake and Mimosa. The most promising strains were crossed with the mysterious Automat, thanks to which we can mow the unique genes of the newest Marijuana in a fairly short time! Inflorescences show armor resistance to mold in the Czech Outdoor conditions. Genetics 60% Sativa / 40% Indica produces highly resinous buds with a slightly spongy structure. The buds are not rock-solid like OG Kush, therefore the circulation of air inside the inflorescence will favor the cannabis resistance against the hostile mold.

Mimosa Cake Automatic is a very strong cannabis plant with a THC saturation level of up to 24%. In the genetics of our pupils, we can observe the features of the unique Purple Punch. The smoke compresses the chair hard after the cloud is dragged into the lung, and this condition lasts a really long time. After contact with the vaporizer, the patient will feel a sudden increase in willingness to act, motivation to create something out of nothing. Almost every user feels a blunt surge of joy, and the smile is not going to go away. Then the phase goes into a relaxing state of complete relaxation for the body, where we can chill out with a good movie.

How much time until felling? We will have to wait about 67 days for the citrus buds. A quick harvest of delicious buds with purple melting leaves sticking out locally. It is one of those Cannabis varieties that does not have too many fan leaves and melting pot leaves compared to other varieties.

When it comes to harvest, Marijuana sprouted in the Dutch Outdoor field will surprise us with 60-160 grams of dry subject in less than 10 weeks! In the Indoor cultivation box, we can prepare scissors for mowing 450-550 grams of fresh sesame from one meter.

Marijuana has a very discreet growth as it is only 110-1130 cm tall. It looks similar outside and in the box. It is characterized by high resistance to mold and fits well in the climate of Central and Western Europe. The saturation with therapeutic cannbidiol (CBD) here reaches 1%. Cannabis medically has a great effect on people who have difficulties in finding themselves in the company. He puts up with alienation and pushes the patient into conversation. It also works great for people whose bellies rarely want to look in the fridge.

Through its rich terpene profile, Marijuana entices our noses appetizing with its tropical citrus aroma. The machine has a lot of therapeutic Limonene in it.

Szczegóły produktu

Flowering time
63-70 days
110-130 cm
60% Sativa / 40% Indica
60-160 grams from seed Outdoor
450-550 g/m2 indoor
THC Content
up to 24%
lemon / earth