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Gorilla Cookies Auto Feminizowane (FastBuds)


Mega powerful Autoflowering Hybrid with the psychoactive THC level of 27%. Light domination of the Indica gene 55%, boils the scythe after 70 days from the germination of seeds in a Dutch pot. Massive, dense buds, very light in color and pink in color. The cannabis plant gives boracz happiness, a euphoric state of joy and willingness to talk among green friends. Autoflower variety from feminized seeds, biscuit flavor and earthy Kush. The germination of Marijuana seeds in Poland is prohibited and has serious consequences. Cannabis seeds You can buy in the country, legally, solely and exclusively to maintain the genetics of the species. They are forbidden to germinate.

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Gorilla Cookies Auto Feminized Cannabis Seeds (FastBuds)

Quite a powerful impact, resulting from the strong saturation of the buds with THC cannabinoid - 27%. The theme is aimed at old jazz patients. The effect of Marijuana is a strong euphoria and joyful state of mind. Perfect for a good comedy or a meeting with friends. An energizing machine that encourages the user to be creative and willing to act. People who tolerate such a high degree of THC will feel an extra pair of wings and an uplifting state. Then the phase moves more to a state of relaxation and a feeling of lightness of the body. Dried fruit is a good stimulus for fussy eaters to look in the fridge more often. It is not hemp for everyone. For many people, the topic may turn out to be too strong.

55% Indica / 45% Sativa. A combination of Gorilla Glue x Girl Scout Cookies x Ruderalis genetics. The herb, thanks to its power, is very efficient, and the Dutch jar will last for many long evenings. Automatic seed cannabis shows good outdoor resistance. From one seed of Cannabis germinating in a thicket of grasses, we can get 50-300 grams of dried fruit. This is one, next to several other proposals from the manufacturer FastBuds, yielding the most. Indoor enthusiasts in their Czech cultivation box in the suburbs of Prague can squeeze a yield of 500-600 grams from one square meter. A mega-efficient variety both in terms of yields and the amount of drought that must be consumed for a satisfactory effect.

Growing from seeds takes 70 days from the moment the tree comes out of the ground. The manufacturer of FastBuds offers machines that are one week faster, but it is worth waiting for the values ​​that Gorilla Cookies Auto is preparing for us. Fan leaves are typical for Hybrids, thanks to which the light will be able to penetrate the plant with its rays deeper.

The buds are compact and very bright. The machine creates numerous cups in which it stores medical terpenes, cannabinoids and flavonoids for us. The syrupy resin in the last moments of flowering even drips with the inflorescence, and the smell of Cannabis itself is not very discreet then. You will need a good carbon filter to absorb this stench. The smoke flavor is associated with cookies and the earthy Kush aroma.

Another important advantage of the Autoflowering specialty is the low growth of Cannabis in relation to the yield that can be obtained from it. Marijuana is only 90-100 cm tall, which makes it an ideal proposition for the Dutch Outdoor. Also good for lower grow tents. Gorilla Cookies Autoflower is trouble-free and very easy to grow. The stable genetics of plants that many Growing fans in countries where it is not illegal to germinate Marijuana seeds will surely be pleased.

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