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Cinderella Auto Feminized (Fastbuds)


Taste of peach, pineapple, tropical citrus? The cult Cinderella created in 1996 by "Brothers Grimm", now in the Autoflowering version from Spanish FastBuds! The latest offer for fans of Hybrids with a predominance of the Sativa gene! Fastbuds created this Vending Machine in 2021 and it immediately became a sought after by Indoor and Outdoor collectors. Strong in action, cannabis that will lift the spirit of even the most muddy sadness. 23% of the THC will take it up in the air, completely changing your attitude towards the world. Cannabis with very good yields in a short time, with a delicious tropical citrus flavor. Marijuana seeds available in our store in Poland, only in the form of collectors.

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Cinderella Auto Feminized Cannabis Seeds (FastBuds)

The classic Cindy '99 now in the Automatic version! Work in Barcelona took a long time, but resulted in beautiful Cannabis buds with the scent of fresh fruit. The seed genes contain 65% Sativa / 35% Indica. We will only have to wait 9-10 weeks for the harvest. Mega strong hybrid with THC as high as 23%. Marijuana will make us feel above the couch, and the body will be cut off from pain for hours. An autoflowering strain outdoors, will produce 60-160 grams of dry boron in less than ten weeks. Regarding the harvest, Indoor Cinderella Autoflower will supply our jars with 450-550 grams of Cannabis for restless evenings! Marijuana strongly stimulates the coils and the body to function, and this condition lasts a long time. The subject is good for pain related to the hip and knee joints.

Cannabis heavily saturated with terpene, called "Limonene", which has a number of natural healing properties. CBD in buds is around 0.5%. Auto bushes grow to 90-120 cm. So it is very discreet for a Sativa-dominant seed. The inflorescences have a rather spongy structure, which positively affects the air circulation inside the bud. They mix shades of white, orange, delicate pink and light green.

The great advantage of the new product from FastBuds is the smoke flavor. It is very sweet, reminiscent of a combination of pineapple, peach and sweet candy. The strain doesn't smell like classic Marijuana. Someone passing by plants can only feel the intense aroma of fresh tropical citrus. So it is a good proposition for Dutch enthusiasts of outdoor cultivation. The fan leaves are typical for Hybryd, and the top leaves are always flooded with thick white resin.

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Szczegóły produktu

Flowering time
63-70 days
90-120 cm
65% Sativa / 35% Indica
60-160g z nasiona outdoor
450-550 g/m2 indoor
THC Content