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Auto Original Jack Herer Feminised (Fastbuds)


A new automat for fans of Cannabis Sativa genetics! Jack Herer from Fastbud in the Self-Flowering version will provide excellent taste, smell, and a guarantee of reliable power! The very strong cannabis seeds are aimed at gourmets who have already had a trip with such strong cannabis and know what they are writing for! Ingeniously stabilized seed genetics, with a unique taste, I want to become part of your collector's stock right now!

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Auto Original Jack Herer Feminized Cannabis Seeds (FastBuds)

Very fast yields just 63 days after the sprout! Reliable Automat in the version of Feminized seeds, with the THC power of up to 21%! This is not the end of its greatest advantages, because another equally good one is the amazing taste of these Hemp. Very sweet citrus, with elements of spice and feathers, combined with an earthy aftertaste. The quintessence will be appreciated by the Dutch parrots who happily sit on the branches of Autoflower Original Jack Herer! The yield is also very respectable and from one square meter of Indoor we get 400-500 grams of dry buds. Fast Feminized Slots hides well outdoors, from the eyes of unwanted thieves. Cannabis trees measure only 70-90 cm and the inflorescences show a strong resistance to worse weather conditions. The automatic Jack creates quite dense Sativa bobs that circulate the air inside the bud well. The effects of this Hemp is an uplifting, strong high that is very long lasting. As befits a Sativa, it is difficult to remove a wide smile from our faces for a long time, and Marijuana is perfect for a getaway with friends or a laugh comedy at home.

Szczegóły produktu

Flowering time
63 days
70-90 cm
Mostly Sativa
THC Content