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Afghan Kush Auto Feminized (FastBuds)


A low machine with a strong effect, effective in the fight against stress and muscle pains. Marijuana is perfect for an evening after a hard day. It makes the body calm and light, effectively cutting us off from pain. Extremely tight tops of a strong topic as befits a thoroughbred Afghan. The variety is unobtrusive in terms of growth, but not in terms of smell. An Afghan can ditch during flowering, so Dutch enthusiasts of growing under a tent will have to equip the box with a decent carbon filter. Seeds available in Poland fully legally, but only for collecting purposes.

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Afghan Kush Auto Feminized Cannabis Seeds (FastBuds)

Ziaarenka 85% Indica / 15% Sativa. The hashish smell of a well-stabilized sideburns will envelop your room after your lungs meet the smoke of this variety. The Afghan from FastBuds in the Self-Flowering version was created in 2021 in Spain. The great advantage of the newest strain is its discreet growth. Marijuana measures only 60-90 cm. It perfectly fits its stems among Czech bushes. It's hard to see it and by choosing these seeds we can feel safer. Lazy Dutch thefts roam the bushes to shoot something for themselves without putting in a single gram of their own work. Afghan Kush Autoflower is sure to thwart their ranks, and we will go to the scissors spot to clear 50-130 grams of dried fruit after just 63 days. Afghan buds are ultra compact, but the producer, working on the variety, made sure that the flowers effectively resist the hostile mold in outdoor conditions, in Central and Western Europe.

What is the harvest in the growing box? By spreading the seeds over a square meter of our Dutch apartment, we will get 400-500 grams of final material in just over two months. The harvest is therefore very decent, tempting with its hash aroma, which will be quickly noticed by the old jade.

When it comes to the tops themselves, the Afghan creates bluntly resin-packed buds, almost completely white in color. You can see it in the pictures above. The melting leaves at the last moments of flowering like to turn purple or pink. Automatic Afghan Kush from Feminized seeds is a plant that is very easy to trim (shaving the leaves while felling). All the melting leaves are sticky and filled with trichomes, in which cannabinoids and terpenes are so dormant for us.

How powerful is Afghan Kush Automatic?

Marijuana hits us bluntly and instantly binds us to the armchair. THC here goes up to 22%. The subject is therefore highly intoxicated. The smoke effectively massages the sore body and has the character of Medical Marijuana. It is also great for fighting the troublesome pain in the knee joints, shoulders or hips. It is Cannabis, after lighting which we reluctantly tear our backs off the comfortable couch. A perfect proposition for cinema enthusiasts who want to relax after a hard day. Medicinal CBD here comes to 1% saturation.

Szczegóły produktu

Flowering time
63 days from seed
60-90 cm
85% Indica / 15% Sativa
50-130g from seed outdoor
400-500 g/m2 indoor
THC Content