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Dinamed CBD Autoflowering Feminized (Dinafem)
  • Dinamed CBD Autoflowering Feminized (Dinafem)

Dinamed CBD Autoflowering Feminized (Dinafem)

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Dinamed CBD Autoflowering by Dinafem Seeds is an Indica-dominant feminised cannabis seed that derives from the cross of a Dinamed CBD and a Critical + Autoflowering. The team of breeders at Dinafem Seeds has succeeded in creating an incredible strain that brings together the therapeutic properties of Dinamed CBD and all the advantages of autoflowering seeds, which are faster and easier to grow. Now you can obtain high-CBD and low-THC weed in a remarkably short time!

Dinamed CBD Autoflowering showcases a great deal of cannabidiol (CBD) and almost no psychoactivity. Thanks to her CBD and THC levels, she makes a great alternative for treating certain ailments as well as for those recreational users who love the taste of marijuana but don’t like being hit by an extremely powerful effect.

Dinamed CBD Autoflowering produces compact and bushy Indica-shaped plants with short internodes and jagged leaves that don’t need a lot of space to produce quality crops in a really quick and easy manner. For better results, we recommend fertilizing frequently but moderately. While it’s true she flowers automatically regardless of the photoperiod, a bit of direct light will provide her with an extra touch of vigour during the vegetative stage and so the quality and the density of her flowers will be even better. With such small dimensions and short life cycle (about 60-70 days from germination), her yield is more than satisfactory. But what is truly important is her high CBD content (14%) as well as her incredible overall quality.

Dinamed CBD Autoflowering showcases sweet and fruity tastes and aromas, which greatly differ from the other CBD-rich strains that generally have a very citrusy orangey touch. Her psychoactivity-free effect is very interesting for both therapeutic and recreational use. Therapeutic users will find in her quite an ally in the fight against spasms, epilepsy, anxiety, spasticity or a wide range of inflammatory processes, whereas recreational users will finally be able to enjoy the taste of marijuana without experiencing any psychoactive effects. The relaxing sensation provoked by this strain is just perfect for both cases since users won’t become sleepy but feel always ready to keep on with their normal lives.

Suitable for:   Indoors and outdoors
Sex:   Feminized autoflowering
Genotype:   60% Indica/ 40% Sativa
Cross:    Dinamed CBD x Critical + Autoflowering
Comprehensive life cycle :   70 days from germination
Harvest outdoors :   April-October
Yield indoors:    500 g/m2
Yield outdoors    100 g/plant
Height outdoors:    Up to 1 m
THC:    0.3-0.8%
CBD :   Up to 14%

Szczegóły produktu

Flowering time
8 - 10 weeks
Mostly Indica
THC Content
Less than 15%