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Blueberry Cookies Feminized (Dinafem)

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Blueberry Cookies by Dinafem Seeds is a feminised Indica-dominant marijuana seed derived from the cross of two cannabis heavyweights: Blueberry and Girl Scout Cookies The result is an incredible strain boasting the amazing traits of the Cookies family, one of the most cherished and loved lineages nowadays available in the USA. Top-level tastes and effects!

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Blueberry Cookies grows so beautifully that you’ll be sorry when the harvest date arrives and you have to cut the plant. Her branches are strong with considerable distance between nodes, allowing the light to reach all the corners of her body so buds can grow in a uniform way. Suitable for both indoors and outdoors, she provides great results even in the hands of rookies. If she receives her share of light and is given enough room to grow comfortably, she’s sure to turn into a huge heavy-yielding plant. If no light reaches her, she'll go sun-chasing, meaning she’ll stretch in excess and become too fragile. Her buds are not particularly bulky yet are of the best possible quality. They’re elongated, heavy, and compact, with loads of resin and a delicious scent of fresh wild berries. With colours that range from red to violet and purple and an adequate calyx-to-leaf ratio that makes the trimming process a child's play, Blueberry Cookies is sure to remain etched in the memory of those who grow her.

Besides, she boasts an unforgettable scent of Kush accompanied by sweet notes of wild berries. Getting close to her is like entering a bakery full of freshly-baked fruit pies. From the very first drag, your palate will fill with a sweet taste of fruit cookies. With THC levels around 18%, her effect is every bit as amazing. Expect the typical high delivered by U.S. Indicas: a strong blow that eases you into a peaceful mindset and helps your body release all the stress. As soon as you meet her, you won’t be able to do without her!

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