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Shaman x Passion Feminised (BioGenetic)

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A sweet and euphoric variety

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A new feminized outdoor variety from Biogenetic.

Shaman x Passion is a cross between the original Shaman and Passion. It is a feminized variety. All plants from these seeds will be female.

Shaman is a solid and strong F1 hybrid of the unique male Purple # 1 and the best quality female Skunk. Species for outdoor / greenhouse crops because Shaman is resistant to insects, mold and rot buds. Shaman is a characteristic plant with Sativa qualities, such as the large distance between wide buds. Shaman shows a long life of the hybrid and provides a mild, purple smoking with a delicate wood aroma, providing high quality high, characteristic of Sativa.

Passion # 1 is one of the best varieties for outdoor cultivation available everywhere and has been around since its inception in the '70s, as in the case of the legendary Californian Indica.

Passion # 1 reached Dutch outdoor growers in the 1980s and immediately gained a reputation for a strong and stable variety, easy to grow. If grown at the beginning of the season, Passion # 1 can reach 3.5 m in height, but most often it reaches 2 m. Harvest can provide 250 to 750 grams per plant, if grown under optimal conditions.

Passion # 1 creates long compact buds that are heavy with resin. This variety is intended for outdoor / greenhouse cultivation only and is not suitable for indoor cultivation. When you cut a plant, remove only the largest leaves, smaller leaves are often covered with resin.

Smoking is soft and delicate, with a fresh citrus scent, then Passion # 1 provides you with a strong, happy high. After a few more waves, you will feel strong, heavy, but pleasant heat. The THC level in Passion # 1 is around 20%, which makes it a satisfying choice for growing outdoors or in greenhouses.

This is another strong and stable outdoor variety that has been present for decades. A variety that you will always want to grow ....

The combination of these 2 classic selected varieties guarantees a successful season. This crossword is also perfect for indoor use.

Szczegóły produktu

Flowering time
8 - 10 weeks
Mostly Sativa
THC Content