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Guerilla Gold x Passion Feminised (BioGenetic)

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A new feminized outdoor variety from Biogenetic.

Guerilla Gold x Passion is a cross between a very fast variety - Guerilla Gold and Passion. It is a feminized variety. All plants from these seeds will be female.

Guerilla Gold is an early and semi-autoflowering hybrid that is suitable for northern outdoor growers or for any outdoor grower looking for early harvests of strong buds.

When you put Guerilla Gold outside as cuttings at the end of May, it will come at the end of August or in the first week of September.
The plants are medium in size and end with dense spear-shaped buds that are covered with hairs.
GG has a deep sweet aroma of spices with sour and fruity notes, and the taste is very satisfactory.
Dried buds are dense and have a very good sack-like appearance, light green color with a shiny golden shade.

The long-lasting trippy and euphoric high is very strong and has more sativa in nature.

Passion # 1 is one of the best varieties for outdoor cultivation available everywhere and has been around since its inception in the '70s, as in the case of the legendary Californian Indica.

Passion # 1 reached Dutch outdoor growers in the '80s and immediately gained a reputation for a strong and stable variety, easy to grow. If grown at the beginning of the season, Passion # 1 can reach 3.5 m in height, but most often it reaches 2 m. Harvest can provide 250 to 750 grams per plant, if grown under optimal conditions.

Passion # 1 creates long compact buds that are heavy with resin. This variety is intended for outdoor / greenhouse cultivation only and is not suitable for indoor cultivation. When you cut a plant, remove only the largest leaves, smaller leaves are often covered with resin.

Smoking is soft and delicate, with a fresh citrus scent, then Passion # 1 provides you with a strong, happy high. After a few more waves, you will feel strong, heavy, but pleasant heat. The THC level in Passion # 1 is around 20%, which makes it a satisfying choice for growing outdoors or in greenhouses.

This is another strong and stable outdoor variety that has been present for decades. A variety that you will always want to grow ....

The combination of these 2 classic selected varieties guarantees a successful season. This crossword is also perfect for indoor use.

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Szczegóły produktu

Flowering time
8 - 10 weeks
Mostly Sativa
THC Content