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Guerrilla Juice (Bio Tabs)
  • Guerrilla Juice (Bio Tabs)

Guerrilla Juice (Biotabs)

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Guerrilla Juice from Biotabs is an organic stimulator in liquid form, specially formulated for use during the growth phase as well as for the flowering phase of cannabis plants.

With a N-P-K content of 5-1-5, its high proportion of Nitrogen and Potassium ensures ideal growing conditions for the healthy development of plants. Its composition also improves the conditions to encourage soil microbial life and promotes the absorption of nutrients through the root system.

This is a perfect supplement for Guerrilla Tabs, simply use it once a week in irrigation in soil or coco coir, both indoor or outdoor.

Biotabs Guerrilla Juice info:

    Growth and flowering stimulator
    Totally organic
    Liquid format
    N-P-K 5-1-5
    500ml bottle

Contains molasses, rock powder, kali-vinasse, alfalfa, soybean extract and micronutrients.

Guerrilla Juice dosage info:

    Mix 10ml per litre of water for irrigation
    Use once a week from the plant's fourth week