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Boom Boom Spray (BioTabs)
  • Boom Boom Spray (BioTabs)

Boom Boom Spray (BioTabs)

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Boom Boom Spray by Bio Tabs is a 100% organic biostimulator based on amino acids, minerals and peptides. It is an easy-to-absorb product whose effect on plants is virtually immediately visible.

  • It fights plant stress provoked by extreme situations (extremely high/low temperatures, lack of light or water, repotting...)
  • It stimulates plants' growth, and provides them with brightness as well as colour.
  • It boosts production and favours the absorption of minerals.

Boom Boom Spray is sprayed onto the plant's foliage (5ml per litre of water). Once all mixed up, the solution must be used in the following 6 hours.

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