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BIO PK 5-8 (Bio Tabs)
  • BIO PK 5-8 (Bio Tabs)

BIO PK 5-8 (BioTabs)

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Biotabs Bio PK 5-8 is a 100% organic alternative to PK 13-14, a bloom booster used to get the most out of the plants.

Biotabs Bio PK 5-8 contains 5% phosphorous and 8% potassium, plus 2% nitrogen, organic molasses, humic acids, 2,5% calcium, oligoelements, auxins and vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B12, A, C).

This product is used during the flowering stage, with a dose of 1-3ml/l (irrigation). Another option is diluting 10ml of product in 500ml of water and watering once a week with this mix during the 3rd, 4th and 5th weeks of the bloom period.
Biotabs Bio PK 5-8 info:

    Available in 500 ml-packs.
    2-5-8 NPK content
    DOsage: 1-3ml/l
    Store in cool and dry place
    Suitable for organic farming (Rule EU 889-2008)