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Blue Sunset Sherbert Feminized (Barney's Farm)


A strong hybrid of 65% Indica, with bluntly dense flowers and a tempting scent. Tops flavored with sweet candy, lemon and blueberries. A variety that brings huge yields in a short time. Its low growth Indoor is a great advantage. The discreet Cannabis only reaches 80 cm in height in a Dutch box. The germination of Blue Sunset Sherbert Marijuana seeds is prohibited in Poland. However, you can legally buy them from us for collecting purposes.

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Blue Sunset Sherbert Feminized Cannabis Seeds (Barney's Farm)

All-season Cannabis with 65% majority Indica / 35% Sativa. Marijuana only takes 59-63 days from flowering to become Harvest ready. The newest Barneys Farm strain leading to the Purple Punch x Sunset Sherbert genetics business. The fan leaves take on amazing, autumn colors in the last moments of flowering. The manufacturer informs us on his website that from one square meter of Indoor, we can try 650-700 grams of herb. After testing for the presence of cannabinoids, it is said that one of the plants had a THC level of 28%. The variety also has dense therapeutic terpenes. Highly rich in humulene, terpinolene and limonene. Marijuana has a very strong effect and is not aimed at users just starting to consume hemp products. It can work because it is too blunt. An important advantage of this variety is its discreet growth. The shrubs in the Czech Indoor growing box measure less than a meter. Hemp that forms compact plants, tightly packed with dense buds. The level of resin here is on the "hard" level. The grains, with the delicious tastes of sweet berries, lemons and great candies, are a great delicacy for Dutch parrots.

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Szczegóły produktu

Flowering time
59-63 days
80 cm indoor
65% indica / 35% sativa
650-700 g/m2 indoor
THC Content
up to 28%
Purple Punch x Sunset Sherbert